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 Warden and Lookout Resources

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PostSubject: Warden and Lookout Resources   Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:09 pm

Welcome to the Warden and Lookout help section! This section is designed to help Lookouts rank up! It includes the rank permissions of this branch, training exercises, and what being a Lookout (and Warden entails). So without further ado, lets get started!

Warden Branch Levels
Ilv | Ilv I | Ilv II | Ilv III | IWV

Ilv - Lookouts at this rank are the basic guards of the pack. The approach strangers, and keep the camp safe from danger. The will engage in battle if called upon.

- approach strangers
- offer strangers food, water, shelter, a place to rest, medical assistance, etc.
- remove hostile strangers from the territory and only attack if they have first, or if they have made an attempt to hurt another pack
- engage in battle along with the Adversaries/Soldiers if needed.

How to Rank Up

  • Train

Similar to the Adversary branch, training is an important way to rank up. Training helps the Lookouts to know what their duties are, and allows  them to build their physical skills in case they need it for a battle/fight/spar.

  • Approach

Approaching is the job of the Lookouts, so its only natural that this is one of the primary ways to rank up. Lookouts (and Wardens) must remember that they are to approach strangers with kindness, and offer them anything that they may need. If a stranger becomes hostile and attacks or attempts to hurt another pack mate, the Lookout or Warden will then attack as well. However, if the stranger is only dealing out threats, the Lookout or Warden will stay calm and attempt to escort them from the premises.

  • Spar

Although sparring is not one of the primary ways to rank up in this branch, it is heavily encouraged. Just like in the Adversary branch, sparring helps improve fighting skills, and Lookouts will need this when dealing with hostile strangers. As Lookouts ranks up they will be expected to spar more, and spar better.

  • Scout out the surrounding territories and take information on neighboring packs

This is another one of the essential ways to rank up. Lookouts are to regularly scout the surrounding territories and take both IC and OOC information about them. To take OOC information on a pack, a Lookout would take screenshots on the pack's FH bio, and explore and take screenshots of the pack's website if they have one. To take IC information on a  pack, the Lookout would approach the pack in character and proceed to ask questions about the pack, what they stand for, if they would like to ally with our pack, and if they are a threat to any surrounding packs. This helps the Royalties, Regents, and Dignitaries know who to ally with, who is settled around us, who is a threat and who isn't a threat, and so on.

Ilv I & Ilv II - Lookouts at these levels are entering into more advanced territory. They will start to spar and train more, and will even begin to scout the surrounding lands.

Ilv III - These are the Advanced Lookouts. They will do all the things they normally do, but more is expected of them because they now begin to train lower ranked Lookouts. Still training under the Adversaries, hard work is key to becoming a Warden!

IWV - The Warden is the highest rank in the lookout branch. At this level, they will hand over basic Lookout duties to the Advanced and lower level Lookouts, and will focus on ranking up members of their branch as well as training the Lookouts. Wardens are the only ones allowed to rank up Lookouts other than the Royalties, Regents, and Dignitaries. Wardens are the most advanced in their branch and are most skilled in approaching others, scouting, sparring, and training.
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PostSubject: Re: Warden and Lookout Resources   Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:15 pm

Training Exercises and Sparring Rules are the same as the ones for the Adversary Branch! Please go to this link to read about them:
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Warden and Lookout Resources
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